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Winter Storm Stella,2017 New York City Captured by Award Winning photographer Mr Don M. Green of Baton Rouge La.

The mind of an Introvert


In the Mind of an Introvert, I reside, A realm of thought, where dreams collide. Imaginations are vast, the future is foreseen, and I’ve built inventions, where no one’s been.

In the blink of an eye, problems are resolved, Distant you say, but I’m deeply involved. On the moon’s surface, my footprints remain, Not all there, you claim, but I’m eternally sane.

I’ve traveled the depths, oceans explored and Scaled peaks so high, where eagles soared. Atoms and quasars, I’ve closely observed, The god particle held, as my thoughts swerved.

I’ve walked universes, parallel and vast, Time, a mere concept, as I wander the past. Not present, you say, but I am right here, In my inner cosmos, I’ll forever steer.

Don’t judge my silence or my quiet gaze, For I’m traversing worlds, in my mind’s maze. Embrace the introvert, the dreamer within, For it is our gift, to explore worlds unseen.

Mr Don M Green

Author Mr Don M Green

Award Winning photographer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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