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All Black Everything

All black camera

All black skin

all black thoughts with all black friends.

I bring the light

Mr. Don M. Green , Don Green, Baton Rouge

Mr. Don M. Green


  • Winner of Adams Apple Award NYC 2016

  • Winner CMA Dallas Shootout 2017

  • Winner of Associated Press Award for “Best Featured image in a Publication” 2018

  • Member of NABJ

  • Member of NPPA

  • 2017-2018 Editor In Chief of Southern University Jaguar Yearbook


  • Essence Magazine

  • Bloomberg Businessweek

  • Southern University. Baton Rouge, La

  • Baton Rouge Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation


  • Big Buddy Program, BR


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There is a Facebook photo post that I can’t shake. The first time I saw it, I stared at it for several minutes. It conjured up so much emotion. For a bundle of reasons, I had to put the heart-wrenching photo on my Facebook page.

Some of my friends told me personally that it almost brought them to tears. It is not the first time I have seen such a photo. But, for some reason, this one moved me

Ed Pratt


By day I’m a Social Worker, on Weekends I’m a world-renowned photographer.  While pursuing my degree, my peers often wonder how I would combine the two.  I use my passion for photojournalism to capture what’s going on NOW. My mission is to document this life.  I created something new called “Social-Ography” life captured through the lens of an African-American Social Worker who happens to be a photographer, living in the deep south.


Quality Images Captured


Mr. Don M. Green


Baton Rouge, LA

want to make a donation, my Social-Photography $mrdonmgreen1 cashapp


    Gallons of rainfall in one week

    Historic Floods of 2016
    “Baton Rouge Flooding Captured” by Mr. Don M. Green. Published in Bloomberg Business Week / August 2017

    Southern University Class of 2017 and beyond

    Thank you to all the Southern University Graduates

    It is an honour to capture the important moments in your lives. I am overwhelmed with Gratitude, I see the amazing qualities in each of you Black Excellence, Onward and Upward … many blessings.

    – Don Green

    The Reason Behind the Passion

    I believe that every photographer has a reason that fuels their passion for photography.  My goal is simple. I blame my Aunt Jessie’s camera shyness.

    My Aunt Jessie, a wise woman that Loved her family dearly, was the best Aunt a kid growing up in the south could desire.  She died during my teenage years. During the preparation for the funeral program, I realized that after all of her years on Earth, I only had one photograph of her.  (a work photo) From that day on I decided that I would capture my family members; that is the reason I recommend to people “take pictures.” for the memories and to be remembered by those we leave behind.

    Art Inspiring Art

    “Art like humans has a desire to be transformed into something else. expanding the idea, enlightening the world one idea at a time. ” Mr. Don M Green 

    Isaiah J Taliaferro


    Tory Lanez performance at Southern University Captured by Mr Don M. Green #mrdonmgreen