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Mr. Don M. Green , Don Green, Baton Rouge
What I Do
  • Photographer
  • Video Editing
  • Social Marketing
  • Branding
Mr Don M. Green

Award Winning Photographer.

Based in Baton Rouge, Lousiana. Shooting for over 20 years has developed an eye to capture the delicate moments of life.  My life’s purpose it to photograph the existence and the lives of the people that I encounter.  This passion was the driving force of being on location  30 consecutive days, capturing the events that occurred after the Alton Sterling / Baton Rouge Tragedy.  This Same passion and drive prompted me into the flooding city Baton Rouge, Thigh-High in flood waters to capture moments, not because someone asked me to, but because someone needed to do it. Published in Bloomberg Magazine, Ego Magazine, Essence, and many others publications. I developed the idea of shooting where I lice,  photographing my community from my perspective. I have made the city of Baton Rouge my focus.

Winner of 3 National Awards in photography, and a Member of NABJ, and NPPA.


-Don M. Green