Bloom Festival 2017

You betta play my song
I’ve been waiting all day
for _______ and _______
to perform
they say you greatest
show us all what you got.
or get boo’d and go home.

this ain’t the apollo. but we love to hate
on _________ and _______
it’s a pretty day too, a day i could be
doing something I love doing
yeah … you betta play my song
you betta sing that song

because they say you the best
Baton Rouge has the offer
and I wanna see for free first
before I decided if i’m gonna pay a dime

You betta sing. you betta move the kidd
not talking about me but the USS Kid
better let you voice be heard in Port Allen
betta have more than one song too.
and it bet not be the that same song
I heard you sing that other time
when you sing for free for them

yeah you betta sing that song
so i can go home and say that I saw ya.
and that you made baton Rouge proud
and you made me happy that not boo you off stage.

Sang boy Sang.

Local Artist performed before a large crowd in Baton Rouge. This event help give a spotlight to some Baton Rouge's many Hip-Hop Rappers, and Singers.