and the Crowd Chants:

No Justice, No Peace

No Racist Police

I'm in my usual spot
doing what I usually do
The usual talk the usual brew
The usual cars and the usual flow
then come the cops for an unusual show
They usually come to kick and harasses
they usually come and threaten to kill my ass.
They usual don't.
Until today

Night 1 of Baton Rouge Protest in response to African American Male being shot by Baton Rouge Police Dept multiple times in chest and back. Officers body camera fell off. however Civilian footage has been posted via social media. Crowd mourns friend relative, father, and fellow human being. His name was Alton Sterling he was 37 years old #blacklivesmatter #batonrouge #blackimagesmatter #mrdonmgreen @cnn @abcnews @washingtonpost @nbcnews #altonsterling #fairfeilds #foster #nojustice #nopeace #justiceforaltonsterling

coverage from The Advocate about the Tragedy

A Baton Rouge Tragedy